cougar lift

cougar lift
Cosmetic surgery performed on a middle-aged woman to enhance her prospects of dating younger men.
Example Citations:
The 'Cougar' euphemism generally refers to older women who date or marry younger men. Many surgeons and elective surgery centers have coined the "Cougar Lift" term to identify an entire category of cosmetic procedures for women in this demographic who are engaged in new romantic relationships — and want to look as vibrant and youthful as they feel.
—" 'Cougar Lift' Procedures Offer Menopausal Women Surgical Options to Enhance Romantic Relationships:," PR Newswire, November 10, 2010
The number of women age 45 and over choosing to have breast enhancements has doubled. Procedures popular among cougars include facial fillers and buttock implants. Leading the 'Cougar Lifts' trend are stars like Demi Moore, Kylie and Madonna.
—" 'Cougar Lifts' On the Rise:," MMD Newswire, June 28, 2010
Earliest Citation:
Since 2008, the number of breast enlargement patients aged 45 and over at Transform, the UK's largest cosmetic surgery group has doubled, according to a press release issued here. Transform has experienced a large spike in the number of mature women undergoing body enhancement procedures such as buttock implants and breast enlargements. This trend is now being referred to as the 'Cougar Lift'.
—"The 'Cougar Lift' Trend: Older Women Filling Out For Youthful Looks," Plus News Pakistan, June 25, 2010
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